Wheels for the World

Long after the diving accident that rendered her a quadriplegic, Joni Eareckson Tada thanked God for not healing her. 
She says it made her more dependent on God’s grace and “it’s increased my compassion for others who are hurt and disabled….and I would not trade it for any amount of walking.”

For years now, she’s raised money for wheelchairs for those who cannot afford them—many in parts of the world where if you can’t walk—you’ll be left to crawl in the dirt. 
Sixteen prisons are now participating in Joni’s Wheels for the World. She provides the wheelchair parts and they provide free labor to repair them.

God Knows

With the Christmas tree decorated and the cabin trimmed in holiday cheer, everything was as it should be until the phone rang. Life instantly shifted. 
The world, as my grandson knew it, was irrevocably changed by a car accident that took the life of his best friend and his friend’s dad—who was also his coach. A drunk driver cut short the lives of four people in that car—two fathers and two sons.

Some of you have gotten calls like that—losing those you loved in an instant. Perhaps others of you had more time, but it was just as final.
As the Christmas tree lights twinkle softly and the line-up of toy snowmen on my fireplace mantel smile innocently, what can I say to a broken family?
Those who mourn rightly ask—why does God take such young people? We do not know.

But here’s another question: In whom can we lean when we grieve with such awful wrenching sorrow? God.
Not able to contain my grief within the four log walls of the cabin, I walked out into the darkness of night. The brilliant dis…