Behind the Curtain of Darkness

We are marveling at the Olympic athletes competing in the Winter games in South Korea. Their strength, determination, and incredible feats seem to defy human limitations.
So, without detracting from the Olympic athletes, I object to honoring North Korea—a nation that allows its people to starve and be tortured for seeming non-compliance to worshipping their leader Kim Jong Un. 

Citizens live in poverty and a constant state of fear. They are brutalized in ways no human should ever face.

Yet the reporters from PyeongChang are painting a beautifully serene picture of North Korean athletes. Do not be fooled. Those smiling North Korean faces are a mask. Death awaits anyone who defies the Supreme Ruler. They know this fully. Many fear their own thoughts could somehow betray them.

Listen to the testimonies of those who’ve escaped North Korea. They’ve eaten dirt to stave off excruciating hunger pains and their minds are tormented by images of their loved one’s executions.
The North Korean athlet…

Mom's Valentine's Plans

It was a routine annoyance that had me gritting my teeth as I hung up the phone with my mom. Another Valentine’s Day and my mother was coming to join us. 
Didn’t she realize it was a day for couples—not necessarily a couple and their mom? But ever since the arrival of her granddaughter, she planned her traveling sales route to hit our city on Valentine’s Day.