When Darkness Comes

She unlocked her apartment door after another horrendous day. Weariness combined with utter disappointment. Sliding onto the couch, emotional darkness settled in.

Nothing really mattered at this point. Then the phone rang. Not wanting to answer, she did anyway. And it was someone who wanted to listen.
In the comforting veil of darkness, her words of sadness flowed. In that dark place, with the bleakest outlook and a listening ear, seeds of hope finally emerged.

With a trail of bad days and hopeless nights behind her, she stood and went to the mirror. Give up or go on? 

In that moment, as she stared at her reflection, her weakness became a strong resolve to change. No more feeding the monster of despair.

Some things take time to get better. But just as day follows night, and back again, eventually a new season begins.

It was in the darkness she found her way.
Things didn’t turn out as she imagined. It would take time to fully realize that the life she now had was better than the one she ha…

Taxing the Givers

They say numbers don’t lie. So here it is: $1.2 trillion dollars are contributed annually to our US economy by religious folks. 
The money supports programs aimed at the hurting, helpless, hungry, and the people that support them. 
Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the other top tech companies don’t put as much money into our economy.

When the idea is tossed around that churches need to be taxed, it’s important to look at the real dollars churches provide to our nation. 
People are giving money away to help those in need. Churches provide their buildings for childcare centers, soup kitchens, job training, free clothing outlets, and medical clinics. 

That’s in addition to the direct dollars spent on the poor.

Besides money, churches coordinate 7.5 million volunteers in 1.5 million social programs aimed at helping those who need it most. In the past 15 years, religious giving to the needy has tripled.

While taxing churches could bring in money, it will only impact the amount they already give away…