Graffiti Gang

The nighttime graffiti artists tagged the brick building with a multi-colored message of hate. Morning commuters hardly scanned the new addition as they walked to work. 
Only the city workers faced the chore of removing another reminder of community discord.

But as they set out to scrub the blight, a young man approached with an offer. The city workers shrugged and set off to another graffiti-removal location. 
The man sat back and stared at the words woven into graphic violence—adorning an otherwise bleak brick building. He returned with paint cans, brushes, and a ladder.

It took some time to single-handedly transform the vulgar into a vision of peace. But the commuters took note. 
So did the city workers. A reporter snapped a picture and soon the city residents became aware of how some hateful graffiti became a place to express hope. 
Artists now take turns drawing messages that bring a vision of good possibilities.

Tiny Hope

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Nestled among some smaller rocks, with steady waves crashing amongst the larger rocks next to it, was a tiny urchin shell. 
Delicate to the minutest detail and fragile like no other shell on this rocky beach. Yet, as I picked it up, there was not a single fracture or chip in its perfection.
I smiled. 

Isn’t that like God? To first create something with such fine artistry, fill it with life, then set it on a mission. 
Somehow, this tiny one hadn’t made it far, but even so, it was here for me to find as a reminder that God is in the details. 
If He created a sea creature with its own purpose, will He not do even more for his people?

Oh yes, and He will also find us when we feel washed ashore among the cold rocks. 
He will be the one to pick us up, smile, and declare, “Oh precious one, I created you and will always care for you.”

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