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Summertime Heat

One thing the Strait of Juan de Fuca offers is free air-conditioning. Summer heat is tempered by water breezes. Even if the city reaches triple digits, that doesn't happen here. 

Life is like that too. Sometimes the proximity to the city makes situations hotter too. Too much traffic, too many people, too many lines, you get the idea. But it's not easy to escape either. There's no such thing as free air-conditioning.
No matter where we live we all can have opportunities to escape--even if we can't move. It requires your mind. And I'm not talking about mindless escapes--but thinking the thoughts that give us a "cooler" perspective. 
Next time your stuck in traffic in the sweltering heat, think about 10 blessings you have. Remembering the goodness, is just one way to travel cooler.