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Watching What I Think

Good thing that people aren’t mind readers, because some of my thoughts aren’t always nice. My impatience vents inside my brain, but self-control keeps the words within. Unfortunately, it's kind of like mental trash talk.
Last week’s challenge had me evaluate what I said. Now I am considering what I think about. I really need to short-circuit the rude thoughts. Do they really do any good? No one but me experiences them and all of those negative feelings are left inside me.
To be fair, I’m usually a cheerful soul. But get me behind a slow driver, or a person with 20 items in the fast checkout, and storm clouds brew. Recently I even verbalized my thoughts because I was by myself in the car, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, waiting for a dreadfully slow woman to cross the street. Hearing my thoughts aloud made me realize how awful they were. It was like a Heavenly mirror held up for me to see how selfish I was being. Oh, is that really me?
I decided to reverse my thinking.…