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Race Across America

This is mind-blowing. It puts true meaning back into the word epic. Rob Decou climbed onto his recumbent bike June 14th in Oceanside, California with his eyes on God and a destination of Annapolis, Maryland.

With intensity athletes know well, Rob says, “impossible is unacceptable.”

Just imagine 3000 miles on a bike, with incredibly tough time constraints along the journey. Why? He’s on the Race Across America team—riding and raising money for brain cancer research.

Rob’s goal is to raise $20,000. But this isn’t about Rob, it’s about honoring his friend Christina who lost her battle with brain cancer in 2013. 
It’s also about helping others facing brain cancer and the daunting challenges it presents. 

So why not ride 3000 miles in less than two weeks? He knows he can’t do it alone, and neither can those suffering with cancer. Rob is depending on his mighty God and the incredible team supporting him every mile.

He rides day and night with unimaginable sleep deprivation. With his clothes pac…

No Fear—Get Married

Several wedding invitations are on my desk. Each couple has planned a special day with flowers, flowing dresses, serious vows, love, laughter, maybe some joyful tears, and a gathering of families and friends.
But beyond the moments shared at the altar or in a garden, and after a brief honeymoon, the real journey awaits. And honestly, their future is unknown. 

Many couples delay marriage—sometimes fearing failure, money issues, or just too much uncertainty in our weary world of horrible tragedies, suffering and misfortune.
But please don’t let that stop you from saying I do.

Here are some scary highlights from the year I married:

Revolutionary forces in Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran. Militants later seized the US embassy and held over 50 Americans hostage—for over a year.
A US oil embargo caused such long gas lines that it took upwards of an hour to get to the pump for rationed gas.

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan causing global concerns.
Then the Sovie…

Election Dysfunction

When my grandson expressed concern about the election, I realized he was older than his years. What kind of America will he inherit?
Dear O,
I’ve always been impressed with how smart you are—okay, you’re my grandson so I may be biased, but I was genuinely surprised with your interest in this presidential election. 

When I was your age politics and TV news seemed boring—so when you asked thoughtful questions about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and you even knew about Donald Trump, I was really astounded.
I wish you weren’t inheriting a debt-ridden nation from me and my generation. We haven’t done a good job stewarding our nation’s resources or making good choices in how we spent our money.
We haven’t solved the hardest problems, but it’s not because we didn’t have smart leaders. We just couldn’t work together. We even failed in helping the poor not be poor anymore. When I was a child our president started the War on Poverty. We’re still fighting that war and have spent 11 trillion dolla…