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Cords that Bind

Today’s families can find themselves really struggling. Parents are tackling jobs and child rearing while simultaneously balancing budgets and commitments.

Families get pulled in different directions. They face break-ups, letdowns, emotional turbulence, online and offline predators, all while attempting to remain connected to one another. We cling to a future we can’t see.
Children seem particularly vulnerable in this not-so-friendly world. But we all have what we need to help our kids. It’s a strong cord that binds families together—our stories. 
Researchers at Emory University discovered that children who know their own family history were more resilient and have a stronger sense of control in their lives. They also have a higher self-esteem and a better sense of their own identity than children who don't know their family's stories.
So what should they know?
Here are some of the questions: Where did your grandparents grow up?Where did your parents grow up?Where did your mom…

Mark of the Beast?

It was always the dreaded 666. But could these temporary tattoos be getting us closer to the real Mark of the Beast?

Read about it here:

Sexy Selfies: Posting for attention

We’ve all seen the “selfie” pix on Facebook—those self-taken images in varying forms of dress (or undress). Usually they’re female poses taken in public restrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, and lots of what used to be private space. Thanks to selfies and social media, it’s open season on privacy—and modesty.
Do you have a social media “friend” who has become a serial selfie? Most often selfies are young girls sharing their sexiness with the world. Serial selfies post hundreds of pictures, so it’s hard to ignore the display.

The question is why do they do it. While I don’t approve of the sexy display of serial selfies, insecurity is at the root. Selfies collect “likes” to boost morale. The attention received is like a balm to their broken spirits. But the dark side of exhibitionism is feeling used—not unlike the girl searching for love and giving away her body in hopes of finding love.

Selfies seek approval. They're locked in a perpetual cycle of posting pix, inflating their self-…

The End is Beginning

With no other means to reach the old man, they waited until dusk and walked miles through heavily forested terrain—keeping a watchful eye for lurking thugs who’d staked squatter’s claims in the dense woods. 
They hoped the risk might be worth finding out what the old man knew. Years ago he’d made random warnings about the government and it seemed each dire prediction had happened. It was his final warning that led the two-some on this risky endeavor.

They barely spoke as they walked stealthily through the woods, but that didn’t stop their whirling thoughts. 
They both recalled the old man’s rants about how illegal immigrants had overrun their once strong nation. At first, the illegals had become the nation’s lowest-level workers, most never bothering to learn the new language. Their increasing population gradually weakened the whole country.
The struggling economy continued to worsen. In the largest cities, more people lived on welfare than those working to pay for it. Yet the govern…

Fast Food Careers

As I watched the striking fast food workers demanding higher wages—I felt like telling them to put down their signs, go back to work, and plan better options for their future. Entry-level jobs are just that—it's where you begin—it’s not supposed to be your career. Many of those fast food jobs were meant for teens—who now have the highest unemployment rate. If you want a better job: stay in school, work hard, and get advanced training. Expect to struggle while you work towards better opportunities. Last century, my first job paid $1.00 an hour. As a babysitter, I cared for five kids—feeding them, watching them play outdoors, and getting them ready for bed. When I was offered an extra $1.00 per hour to clean house, I learned how to manage five kids, do the dishes and laundry, vacuum, scrub toilets, sinks, and tubs, and still get them all to bed on time.

By the time I was sixteen, I was hired in a music store for $2.10 an hour. I loved being surrounded by the music I heard on the radio.…