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You Booze You Lose

I was 17 and wondering how I’d managed to ruin my reputation with the teachers in my school. I thought I had my act together—good grades, ambitious, involved in school and community. 
But I found out how quickly and definitively that could change. One stupid decision to get drunk on an overnight school field trip was all it took. Now, a whole year later,  as I sat in my US History teacher’s classroom, asking advice, he said, “You booze, you lose.” 
Abraham Lincoln said it more eloquently, “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and five minutes to lose it.”
All I could do was move forward. And I did.

I became aware of alcohol as a child—observing my parents drinking wine with dinner. As a young teen, it progressed from wine to cocktails before and after dinner. 
Alcohol didn’t seem to be a problem. It was just part of our lives. My parents worked hard and provided well for the family. I felt loved and cared for. 
When I reached the drinking age at 21, my doctor handed me a check list fo…

Esports Frontier

I read about Sarah-Charles “Charlie” Morrow in our local paper. She’d just been hired as the first esports coach for Peninsula College. 
I needed to meet her—and find out more about this whole brave new world of esports and video games. We met over coffee and I told her about my grandson and how much he enjoyed gaming. He's focused on improving, and shares this time with his close friends—all online.
Charlie told me players develop fast decision making skills—mentally calculating up to 100 actions per minute. My grandson enjoyed Fortnight. Now he has another favorite. He’d like to compete in tournaments. 
Esports is a lucrative and competitive world. Just this last summer, 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf won the Fortnight World Cup. It earned him $3 million dollars. 
Fortnight is one of the most popular games ever. There are 250 million players and it has amassed billions in revenue through in-game purchases. 
Charlie understands why parents worry about video games—their content and the tim…