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From Porn to Crime: A straight line

I listened thoughtfully to their appeal for money. I looked at the young women recently freed from the sex trade—their eyes told a story of pain, shame, and a rough journey to their newfound freedom. I don’t doubt their misery, but the solution to free others isn’t just money—it goes much further.

We need to connect the dots.

His image popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. I struggled to recognize him. But as my former
schoolmates posted, he’d once shared our classrooms. I stared at his jail mug shot. How had his journey taken him from an ordinary kid in high school to a Level Three sex offender?
One word. Porn.
Back in my childhood, porn was covered and shelved behind the check out counter.  Gradually, it came out from behind the brown paper coverings and earned its “rightful” place with the rest of the periodicals for sale. Even the public library had copies for interested readers.
Now, it’s freely accessible online.
But the dark side of porn is well documented. Like an addictive drug…

10 Reasons to Rejoice Today

We made it through the latest governmental crisis. Knowing the next crisis will come soon enough; I went to my "comfort" file folder. This is where I put cheer-me-up articles, poems, Bible verses, and a plethora of jokes.

The political debates will start soon enough, so I searched for something a bit more positive until the arguing begins.
10 Reasons to Rejoice:

We Make More Money: When I was born (1950’s) people earned three times less than they do now (corrected for inflation too).We Live Longer: Compared to 50 years ago, we live 1/3 longer.Even the Poor are Richer: Between 1980-2000, the poor doubled their consumption.What We Need Now Costs Less: In the 1800’s a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hour’s work. By the 1880’s, kerosene lamps provided the same light for 15 minutes’ work. By 1950, it was 8 seconds. Now, the same light costs us ½ second of work.Cleaner Environment: Rivers, lakes, seas, and air are much cleaner due to our efforts. Today’s cars emit less …

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The Autumn Legacy of Pink Ribbons

October brings a beautiful change of color in the foliage. Indeed, the yellows and oranges almost make autumn’s cloudy days a bit brighter. But even with thoughts of cozy evenings and the coming holidays, not all change is welcome.
I remember watching some golden leaves float down from the tree outside my window when my mom called. She’d just returned from the doctor. Anyone who has taken a call like this knows—there’s a pause, a sigh, and then the words we’ve come to dread. My mom’s autumn months would be spent in the first stage of battling breast cancer.

October has become breast cancer awareness month. The pink ribbon reminders are everywhere. Even NFL penalty flags are pink to honor a fight that has nothing to do with football but affects everyone who watches those games. 
In fact, breast cancer has probably touched everyone’s life somehow—grandmothers, moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, and into our world of work and play—afflicting our co-workers and friends.

Thankfully, it ha…

Running for Congress

Mid-term elections are still ahead and since I have some time on my hands, why not toss my name in the ring for US Congress? Here’s my resume: I have no political experience. I detest turmoil, angst, and playing games (just ask my family about the playing games part).

I’m honest too. So before I ever print my first campaign brochure, I want to be completely transparent: I’m in it for the money. Once I have a seat in either the House or Senate my retirement would be secure. I’d also get a waiver from the Affordable Care Act. And since I have failure-anxiety, I wouldn’t have to worry, because Congress is already failing quite well on its own.

What I lack in experience I make up in my speed-reading ability. I could plow through those 2000-page bills. Here’s a bonus—I can even read things I don’t understand —a real plus considering their typical legislation.
The downside of being in Congress is living in the wrong Washington. But since my bills will be paid, my retirement is set, and I c…