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Preventing Terrorist Attacks Here

New revelations from National Intelligence Director James Clapper indicate that Khorasan, an exceedingly brutal offshoot of al-Qaeda, recruited American Muslims—who’ve used their passports to travel to and from Syria. Because of this successful terrorist training venture we now have HVE’s—Homegrown Violent Extremists living in the United States.
Khorasan has worked closely with Ibrahim al-Asiri, a bomb-making expert from al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula branch. This group was responsible for explosive devices placed on three aircraft bound for the US. No one wants to imagine those bomb-making abilities employed by America’s HVE’s. According to Clapper, “The Khorasan group currently poses more of a threat to the U.S. homeland, because of its greater experience in transnational terrorist operations and access to more sophisticated bombs.”

What can Americans do?
1. Be watchful. Soft targets like public transportation and stadiums will always remain vulnerable. If you see something, say som…

NFL Empire Strikes Back

I didn’t want to add more words to the thousands already written about the Ray Rice elevator video, but a brief conversation led me to reconsider. On one side, was a friend with a battered past and on the other was someone who understood provocation, anger, and manhood. Two sides to the issue, but nothing is ever “right” about abuse.
The media outrage and subsequent NFL ousting of Rice in the midst of a stellar career was just the beginning. Now more NFL players are being spotlighted for domestic abuse issues.  Listen to enough talk shows and you sense that the NFL should do more, some suggesting that sponsors pull support from the NFL. 

But even if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell resigns, that wouldn’t alter the reality for the three women murdered by their abusers—which happens everyday in America. One in four women will face abuse during their lifetime. And for children living in abusive homes—they are more likely to become abusers or be abused. Domestic violence costs $37 billion …

Crossing the Bridge

I’ll always remember meeting my future father-in-law. My boyfriend’s folks had arrived on our college campus, ostensibly to drop off some much-needed items, but I suspected they wanted to see the young woman their son seemed to love.
I knocked on my boyfriend’s dorm room door and as I entered I could smell the bacon his mom was frying on the small stove. His dad stood as I entered—he’d been reading his Bible at a nearby table.
Small talk about college life carried us through breakfast, but when mom and son left to get some boxes out of the car, I remained behind to talk with his dad. What I didn’t realize then, is that my boyfriend’s father cared more about my future than I did.

And by future, it wasn’t about my anticipated career, or even my relationship with his son. This was about my eternal future. Never before had anyone talked about eternity like he did. Not even my pastor.
He pulled out a small notepad and drew a diagram of two hills. One hill represented where I was living n…

Minimum Wage Life

I could tell she’d reached critical mass. No smile today. Her rigid jaw seemed frozen. I slid into the booth across from her and didn’t bother with the formalities. Splayed across the small table were piles of bills.
“There’s no way I can pay rent and buy food.”Carlie jabbed her finger at just one glaring example of financial ruin—her power bill. Even though she wasn’t using air conditioning, her summertime bill was more than she spent on groceries.

Cutting costs? Don’t even mention her car. She can’t afford her car and can’t afford not having it. Her two minimum wage jobs are miles from her low-rent apartment and the bus doesn’t run after hours—when she gets off work.
Without a car, she’d be late to work after dropping her son off at the government-subsidized daycare. And by the time she pays for the mandatory car insurance, frequent repairs, and fuel, NOTHING is left over for life’s incidentals.
Which is what today’s drama is all about. Carlie had budgeted every dollar and the po…