Preventing Terrorist Attacks Here

New revelations from National Intelligence Director James Clapper indicate that Khorasan, an exceedingly brutal offshoot of al-Qaeda, recruited American Muslims—who’ve used their passports to travel to and from Syria. Because of this successful terrorist training venture we now have HVE’s—Homegrown Violent Extremists living in the United States.

Khorasan has worked closely with Ibrahim al-Asiri, a bomb-making expert from al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula branch. This group was responsible for explosive devices placed on three aircraft bound for the US. No one wants to imagine those bomb-making abilities employed by America’s HVE’s. According to Clapper, “The Khorasan group currently poses more of a threat to the U.S. homeland, because of its greater experience in transnational terrorist operations and access to more sophisticated bombs.”

What can Americans do?

1. Be watchful. Soft targets like public transportation and stadiums will always remain vulnerable. If you see something, say something. We need our post 9/11 mindset renewed.

2. Take ISIS/Khorasan threats seriously. Watch out for your community. Our public schools are targets as well. One writer suggested doing an Internet search on Beslan. Many don’t remember Beslan. But for others, they will never forget. And we never want that to happen here.

3. Educate yourself. This isn’t a conventional war—it’s an ideological battle. We won’t win; we can only diminish their power. Part of their strategy is psychological warfare via social media. Barbaric beheadings with sadistic intensity has made ISIS instantly infamous, in addition to being an effective ISIS recruitment tool. We cringe at the sight of orange-clad victims kneeling in the desert next to their executioner, but radical jihadists take the Koran literally: When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks. Even though ISIS and Khorasan are equally brutal, ironically enough, they have a rift over the tenets of their faith.

4. But according to Kevin Jackson, a St. Louis news commentator, the biggest deterrent to jihadists in America is our Second Amendment—armed Americans. In the event of an attack, Jackson thinks our good ol’ boys can take  ‘em down. So, fellow Americans, keep your eyes wide open, be armed, or be around those who are. Our lives may well depend on it. 

And we should pray for God’s protection too.

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