Planting Good Seeds

Harvest will always depend on what we plant and how well we care for our crop.  

Looking over my seed packets, I notice they’re different than the ones I planted before. One package is called Word seeds. The directions say that each of my words is a seed, so it cautions me to think before I speak. Harsh words don’t produce sweet, nourishing fruit. These seeds will require thoughtful care in the garden.

I see some Volunteer seeds. Those extra hours I tend to fritter away are going to be planted in a useful project.  It looks like time isn’t wasted in this garden plot. Next are some Love seeds—the directions are interesting: get up each day and love others. No specifics are given—just do something for someone every day. The seed package shows pictures of smiling faces. I smile back.

As I’m ready to head to the garden with my seeds, a package falls to the ground. I open it. Inside are the tiniest seeds I’ve ever seen—but the directions say these have the chance to grow into biggest plant in my garden. They’re called seeds of Faith. It says to plant them in well-nourished heart-soil and add plenty of fertilizer—God’s Word. It goes on to explain that Faith can grow in all seasons and conditions, but the roots will go deeper when it’s extra stormy and the yield will be larger afterwards. There’s no picture of what Faith looks like when it sprouts, but it says that God reveals it as it grows.

As I get ready to plant, I remember my old garden. I planted whatever I felt like planting. I shouldn’t have been surprised with the  disappointing harvest that resulted. I take my new seeds and carefully plant each one. This harvest will be different; I already know it will be a better yield. Perhaps those Faith seeds are already germinating….

Galatians 6:7 Do not be fooled. You cannot fool God. A man will get back whatever he plants!

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