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The Appreciated Gift

He wouldn’t want many to know how dreadful the cancer journey has been. For some of us, who’d known him for a lifetime, he gave us an opportunity to come alongside and pray. 
Cancer is a scourge. But life with cancer need not be. 
That’s the appreciated gift I received from my cancer-in-remission-friend. 

Even though the remission is likely to be short-lived, he refuses to live a short-lived life. 
His faith in God’s provision is stronger. Family is a treasure. Life’s celebrations are memorable and joyous. The career that’s provided so much, is providing even more. 

He already knew these things, but through the lens of mortality, it’s far more clear. 
My friend is living with the expectant hope of new treatments. Yes, God provides. But as my friend waits, he cherishes the life he has now. 
He has shown me how to live with purpose, passion, and a stronger faith. As I celebrate this season, appreciating life is the best gift to have.

The First Gift

It was always the first gift to arrive—a large box of fresh oranges from my grandparents. It would be delivered the first week of December. This was back when most of our daily fruit came from a tin can. 
To have a fresh orange was a treat. Christmas was a still a few weeks away, but there were enough oranges that I could enjoy one-a-day until then.

What’s interesting as I recall those days—I can remember the box of fruit, but I can’t remember many of the gifts that were neatly wrapped under the tree.

So, as I ponder what gifts to give, with hopes that they will be remembered—it may not be the ones tied with fancy ribbons and bows. 
But for me, it just took a lifetime of perspective to realize it.

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