Sister Gift

You probably need to have a sister to know what it’s like to have a sister-gift. But for my sis and I, it was a hard-fought battle to become friends. 

Two years apart in age and perpetually disagreeing on nearly everything, we could even fight about breathing the same air. 

By the time we reached our middle school years, we’d already determined to travel as far away from each other’s interests. She rode horses; I played tennis.

Then the bumpy ride into adulthood came and somehow our sisterhood made life more bearable. The poverty that accompanied the beginnings of independence, became a kindred experience we shared—that along with food and transportation when needed. 

We now live miles apart, but our hearts remain closer than ever. We laugh at our beginnings.  What a gift it is to share life with the one person in the world who knows me from those beginnings. 

As a bonus, my sister was born on Christmas. I didn’t know it for a long while, but she was the sister-gift God knew I needed.

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