My Cat Complex

My cat Lucifer. He was aptly named.
I’m a cat person. Yet, I’ve always respected dog owners. They instill obedience in their dog and receive complete loyalty in return. 

Cats are opposite. My cat’s agenda may sometimes include me and when that happens I’m supposed to feel blessed. Otherwise, I’m in his royal court waiting to be summoned.

Maybe I can blame some of my cat-like behavior on having been a cat person my whole life. I have a tendency to remain aloof. Or rarely, when I feel like it, I can be the life of the party. I usually keep my claws retracted, but given the right motive, I can scratch unexpectedly.

Like a cat, I keep my fur groomed and dislike things that rub me the wrong way. Then there’s my diet: it’s just what I want to eat. Talk about finicky, that’s me. I want the temperature just right, the pillows just so, the music not too loud.

And just like a cat, I’m persistent when the mood strikes. I’ve been labeled “relentless” and that’s completely true until I don’t feel like being relentless anymore. I go to sleep when I feel like it, and prowl around early in the morning before it’s light.

Yep, I’m a cat person and have half a century of cultivated cattitude.  I’m sure my dog-like husband might appreciate a few dog traits: more devotion, less apathy, more obedience, less rebellion, more love, less cattiness. I’ve honestly been trying to be more dog-like, but I’m a cat at heart.

I do what I want, where I want, when I want, how I want. Got it?

God knows all about my finicky feline ways. Interesting thing I’ve discovered on my journey, even though God loves me just the way I am, He knows who I’m capable of being and is showing me ways to change. 

I’ve discovered that I’m happier when I’m more dog-like. Even though I’ll always love cats, I now realize that I don’t have to act like one.  

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