Thirty-Two Years & Counting

Anniversaries remind me of time. I count the years, thumb through photo albums and reflect on places I used to be. Since our wedding in 1979, we have lived in seven cities, twelve homes, raised two kids and have had thousands of days together.

We met at college sharing dreams of music stardom and big recording deals… Then we graduated, years passed and the music slowly faded.

Together, we’ve delivered newspapers, cut firewood, done yard work, farmed strawberries, worked in a Bible bookstore, and for the past 25 years have sold millions of apples, none of these jobs was what we expected to do.

Yet, we found there was something to love or learn in every place we’ve been and in everything we’ve done.

Our most important lesson?  We learned that life isn’t about our plans, but about God’s plans. A long time ago, when music didn’t work out for us, it just meant that He had something better in mind. We learned to trust Him.

If I could go back, what would I do different? I would tell my amazing husband as often as I could, that I couldn’t have found anyone better to spend my life with. Now, I’m making up for all the times I didn’t say it.

Thirty-two years and the journey continues…Chapter 33 begins today.  

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