Father’s Day Tribute

My parenting viewpoint is a bit outdated. Much has changed. Even though it’s still a 24-hour day, things cost a lot more and many parents tackle two or three jobs. To say that raising a child in the 21st century is challenging would be a gross understatement.  Besides the job balancing act, the parenting act is even harder.

A child requires full time maintenance—from someone. 21st Century parents need love, support, and copious prayers. To honor mothers and fathers on just a single day, doesn’t seem fair in today’s world. They deserve much more.

My son-in-law Jason is now taking his fathering turn. Within minutes of the birth of his son he fearlessly and tenderly wrapped him in a blanket and held him close.  

As my grandson grew, Jason blended patience and firmness, ruggedness and kindness. Fathers play a critical part in who their child becomes.  And if my grandson is an indication, the foundation is strong for a successful life.

Jason, like most dads, is hardwired for fatherhood. His common sense brings a framework to analyze things. He finds solutions where they seemingly don’t exist. He looks in the distant future and makes plans. Jason guards his family’s back, while also protecting them in front. Fathers just do this.

Jason has instilled determination in his son. By willingly offering much more of himself than many realize, he has modeled what it takes to thrive in a complicated world. 

Certainly, Jason has his hurts and his hopes and I suspect he has a secret shelf where he has placed his own plans while putting his fathering first, but  that is what amazing fathers do.

So on this Father’s Day I salute Jason as he helps raise a wonderful boy. I also honor all the other dads who are choosing to do the same, for they know deep down inside that much of our future success depends on great fathers.

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