Booked on Flight 93

Thinking about 9/11, I wondered what it might have felt like to be a passenger on Flight 93 (the jet that crashed in a Pennsylvania field).

Those 40 brave citizens, corralled in the back of the plane, soon discovered through cell phone calls the diabolical destruction at the World Trade Center.

They then knew, short of a miracle, they would not live.Their heroism that day inspires hope even now. We were able to see true American spirit reigning. “Let’s Roll” became the slogan for us all.

Rebuilding and restoring
As those passengers realized they had nowhere to escape and less than 20 minutes to live, what did they do? They resolved to fight back and then they made a final call home. Time for last words, love, and goodbyes.

My heart still aches at the thought. I read the passenger list.  A young mom with kids excited to have her home again. College bound son. Father returning from a business trip. Young, newly married couple. So unfair.

I can only speculate about some of those final conversations on Flight 93. With minutes remaining, it had to have been anguished—trying to express the most important words. There was no time to settle old scores, just enough time to say, “Please remember, I love you.”

Thanks to God’s mercy and our brave military, I am here ten years later. I was given more time. I can speak words of love each day. I can share my thoughts with family and friends.

Cross at Ground Zero

So may this be my 9/11 lesson: Let me remember to be fair and kind to all I meet--and especially to those I love. 

Someday I could board a plane, or buckle myself in a car, or walk across the street and I might not be given time to say goodbye.

Let me not lose a moment now in senseless anger, bitterness, or un-forgiveness—for only God knows who will be here today or tomorrow or God forbid, as a passenger on another Flight 93.

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