Fantasy Baseball

My husband was just a bit past forty when he donned a Major League baseball uniform and played on the Mariner’s first Fantasy Baseball team.

For the price of a vacation, Thom hit the practice fields all day while our family got a glimpse of the Big Show.

Hosted at the same Peoria, Arizona baseball complex where the Major Leaguers practiced, it felt more real than a fantasy. Coached by former big leaguers, it just added to the aura of fame and fortune.

We dined and slept in the same hotel as these legendary athletes, but none of them had the haughtiness that sometimes comes with elite status. Noticing our eight-year-old son’s admiration and love of baseball they took extra time to coach and encourage him. To this day, passion for sports still fuels many of his dreams.

Of course we didn’t know it then, but because our family was getting older and busier...this was the last real vacation our family ever took together. 

But for that one special week, we were a baseball family in the Big Leagues living the dream—even if it was only a fantasy.

And here’s some advice from someone whose family is grown and gone: when it comes to spending time together—cherish it. Eventually it will only be a photo album on a shelf and the memories in your heart. Time can fool you--making it seem like things will last longer than they do. They don't. That I know.

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