Spring Break

My ultimate spring break was my junior year in high school. I took an extra week (which meant taking my homework with me) and flew to Florida to stay with my aunt. She taught at the University of Florida so she had several of her students show me the sights. Did they ever. College students know how to do spring break.....but it was mild by today's standards.    

For me, spring break always meant sleeping in, looking at the calendar and seeing the end in sight. Warmer days were coming without all the homework hassle. Spring break gave me just enough of a boost to get through the rest of the school year. 

Hey students: Enjoy it, relish it, and savor your unfettered lives for the time that you have remaining. I hope spring break rejuvenates you. Keeping up with the heavier expectations is tough. In so many ways school will make the difference in what happens in your life after you graduate.

If I had one wish, it would be that each student could see the potential that’s inside them and find purpose in school. I know, school can sometimes be a drag---but it's also an opportunity to explore. If only students could see that they hold a unique, essential piece in our nation’s puzzle. And we really need their piece to help make us whole.

No one argues that we have a tough world ready to greet these spring break students when they finally graduate. We need good students, prepared and equipped to offer their insights. Today’s students may be able to offer some of tomorrow’s critical solutions.

Spring break never lasts long enough, vacations never do. But what really matters is what is happening on the inside, the hope that returns to you.

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