Building Wisdom in us and the US

I used to think wisdom only came with age. While it’s true that older wisdom has experience, younger wisdom considers new options. Recently I saw younger/older wisdom combine as my husband and son worked together on a building project. Oh, they both work differently: my husband works more methodically, while my son is inventive, looking for faster, easier ways. 

Even though they sometimes had different ideas, wisdom told them when to acquiesce to the other. And when they combined their wisdom—elder experience and younger ideas, I saw something else get built—a bond of respect.

Both of them will confess to a few construction-based conflicts, but it didn’t stop them from working together. And in the end, they built more than a structure—they built their relationship.

This brings me to my point: our relationships work best when we work to make them work. This is true in our homes and it’s true in the bigger picture of our nation. 
Older wisdom remembers the lessons of the past and offers insights gleaned from experience. The millennial perspective thrives on ever-expanding possibilities along with amazing energy reserves. We need each other.

Whatever your feelings are about the election, let's remember that here in America, just like in our homes, if we want to build something; it works best when we work together. Let’s pray we’ll use our combined wisdom to help our nation. We’ll be rebuilding America and ourselves at the same time.

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