The Price Tag of Thanks

I have a hard time with price tags. When shopping, before I decide if I can like something, I check the price tag. How many things have I left on the shelf or rack because of a high price tag? Many. Then there’s the bargain basement. Those price tags are cheap enough, but I seldom find anything I like.

Often I do the same thing with myself. I put a price tag on what I'm worth. I have a gauntlet of requirements: Have I worked hard enough? Done enough for others?  Been kind enough? Am I thankful enough?  It's pretty easy to slap a bargain basement price tag on myself.

I forget that only God puts the right price tag on my worth. My price tag has nothing to do with what I can do for Him; it’s only about what His Son has done for me.  How much is the price tag?—The highest price imaginable because Jesus paid for it with his life. 

During November we consider all the things we're thankful for. Without question, I’m most thankful for my new price tag. I have a Jesus price tag, and He already paid it in full. 

Image credit for Jesus tag: Kriss Szkurlatowski

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