A Child’s World

The entry door is your first clue.  The doorknob is so high you need a step stool. Once inside, everything you see is huge. The couch requires pulling and climbing to get on top of the plush cushions. The floor lamp looks like a small tree. Across the room, a massive desk has pencils the size of celery stalks. Everything is supersized. You’ve just entered a child’s world.

This special room “educates” us on how challenging it is for the youngest among us to live in a grown-up world. From climbing steps, to reaching for a light switch, children live in a land built for giants. Perhaps that’s why they can so easily talk about what they want to be when they “grow-up”. Maybe it’s why they can live in a world of make-believe and imagine accomplishing greater-than-possible feats.

Too soon this land of giants becomes manageable—stairs aren’t so steep, nor furniture so huge. But as children grow they also can lose the magic of hope, and the sparkle of possibility. In its place are harder realities. We know all about it. Bills to be paid and daily work that doesn’t resemble those childhood expectations.

As adults we can still stumble against things that are too high and too hard. We wonder about that special life we once imagined. We sense there has to be more to life than this. Deep inside our brains, we’re hard-wired for a better world and Christmas can spark that connection again.

So take time to listen to the carols, stop and admire the twinkling lights, pause and reflect—recall the dreams of your childhood.

Remember that this season brings much more than shopping and scurrying—it reminds us of the ultimate Hope for humanity—the promise of a perfect world to come. That’s why the angels declared the good news for all mankind. And that's why God sent us our ultimate gift—his Son, the Savior for this often broken down, weary world.

It is indeed, the best gift we can ever receive. With Jesus in our life we can imagine all the possibilities for a better world, and we are assured that one day, it will be.

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