Waiting Prayers

It's quiet and dark as I sit and wait for my grandson to wake. His world is still limited to the things that eight year olds deal with—school, soccer, rules to follow and so many lessons to learn. What he doesn't know is how his life might change if his mom's diagnosis is what it could be. And I don't know either.

In an age of medical breakthroughs, there are still many who suffer. What started out as an MRI for my daughter’s joint pain, uncovered more. Doctors conferred, then ordered more tests and more waiting. Speculation is fueling all of us until we hear what we hope to hear, but we are privately contemplating  “what if”. Hours and days of waiting can be spent fretting or instead focusing on the only One who can truly make a difference. I've done a bit of both.

Waiting prayers are some of the toughest kind. In my heart I have the right answer and I pray God agrees. Many have endured medical trials, and in those dark places we plead with God for cures. He meets us where we are—in the exam room, surgery, the days of waiting; He's there. Is that why we get sick, God? Just so we can get closer to you? Perhaps, but sickness wasn't His plan.

Trials help us trust in His promise to never leave us. Trials reveal our deepest needs and we learn that only God can supply them. During this time of waiting, I'm recalling all I've learned through my own trials. Adversity brought me closer to God. He knew it would. And now I’m even thankful for those challenging trials because now this one is a bit less frightening.

While I continue to wait and pray, I sense that even if my prayer isn't answered the way I want, God knows how to take care of it all—in sickness and in health. He promises to work out all of life’s hard things and bring goodness—in His time. And God’s promises will never fail which is what I'm depending on while I wait.

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. - (James 1:2–3)

P.S. After more tests and closer medical scrutiny, my daughter was given the best of all news—she's healthy. And we all praised God for his mercy!

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