Millennial Moms

She's up before dawn, picking up stray socks, dirty dishes left in odd places, making her way to the coffee machine. She checks her work email, while grabbing things to pack up for everyone's lunch. 

Looking at her meal planner, she gets dinner started in the crock-pot while laying out breakfast for her still slumbering family. She grabs a quick shower before the real morning routine begins.

Her work life involves sandwiches, but not the edible kind. It’s filled with family needs spread between work breaks and lunchtime. School volunteer duties, conferences, dental appointments, and grocery shopping tend to fall on her.

Once she walks in the door in the evening, she’s already been at it for over twelve hours. And now is her precious family time. She musters her energy reserves and tackles homework hassles, bill paying and balancing budgets, laundry, and bedtime stories before lovingly tucking her child in bed. 

As it quiets down once again, she has an hour, maybe two for everything else she has to do.

Millennial moms have faster Internet, but it doesn’t add one extra minute to their lives. With hearts that beat for others, they make certain no one is cheated of the time they need, except the time they give themselves.

I have a special millennial mom in my heart—she’s loving and taking care of my grandson. I marvel at all she manages to do and know it comes at a cost she willingly pays.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, lets give our millennial moms an extra dose of love and honor, for they’re tackling 21st century challenges while raising the next generation.

Flowers, candy, and brunch are nice, but giving a mom some of our left-over time might be the best gift she could get.

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