Cold Turkey and Little Kid Thanks

If you’re around little ones then you’re familiar with their refreshing insights. They’re too young to be into politics or concerned with much beyond the playground.

So, needing some heartfelt inspiration, I visited with some fresh young faces.  Their encouraging words left me smiling.

I asked them: 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Mom makes chocolate cake, pie, AND fudge. Age 5

Smashed potatoes. Age 4

It’s cold, so my dog gets to be inside now. Age 6

The table gets bigger and we play games on it. Age 7

The next day I get to eat cold turkey. Age 8

Lots of people are in my house and they laugh loud. Age 7

Grandma is here. Age 5 (my favorite!)

Being home with my mom and dad and not going to school. Age 9

There was no mention of gas prices or food costs. No thoughts beyond family, togetherness, and good food. Thanksgiving is about the blessings we have, but even more, it’s about sharing it with those we love. Enjoy making new memories today.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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