Reckless Death Wish

I was about to skip past the commercial circulating on social media, but the title hooked me, “60 seconds that will keep you from speeding.” So, I watched it and wished I hadn’t. Why? Because that young single driver going recklessly fast could have been me.

It forced me to recall a thankfully brief season of driving insanity. My folks had just divorced and my new weekend routine was to travel eighty winding miles on Highway 101 between their two apartments. I didn’t need much gas, because anger was my fuel. I hated my new life and in my callous and youthful stupidity, I drove way too fast. Some would say I had a death wish. Too bad I didn't think about the other guys on the road.

Those Highway 101 curves were unforgiving and numerous times I crossed the centerline. With rock music blaring, I was oblivious to the notion that I was driving a 2-ton weapon that could kill anyone who got in my way.

The commercial shoved it all right back in my face so I could finally see what might have so easily happened. Thank God it never did. But I have attended memorials for those who were the victims of someone like me.

I’ve been a true respecter of the roads for decades now. But it was amazing how one commercial could remind me of a time I would have rather forgotten and someone I wish I’d never been. Please drive safe.

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