Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

I watched your news conference and heard you say that you’re optimistic about America. Let’s hope your optimism is contagious in Congress. Serious issues can’t wait. 

Our economy needs to grow—I live in a community that desperately needs that growth. Unemployment and underemployment breed problems. You probably know the statistics—every full time job creates $12,000 in tax revenue. Jobs help both of us.

As a small business owner, my biggest expense is health insurance. Revising the Affordable Care Act is essential. Yet even with added insurance costs, I’ve always balanced my budget by cutting other expenses. So, let’s balance our nation’s budget. Let’s cut non-essential spending since we’re trillions in debt. Seriously, did we need to study synchronized swimming for sea monkeys? And five million dollars for a collaborative zombie game to propel climate change activists? Enough.

But helping the poor is essential. As a broke college student I used food stamps for two years. That was it. Let’s set limits and not incentivize poverty—instead let’s promote the American work ethic. Bill Clinton did this with a Republican Congress.

I’m thankful to live in freedom. And many freedom-loving people would love to live in America. But I urge you not to take executive action granting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Work with Congress and create an effective immigration policy and let’s be honest about the additional costs to taxpayers.

I truly respect the highest office in our nation. But may I ask, President Obama, that you respect and protect our freedoms to exercise our Christian faith? Americans should be free to perform a wedding or not, to bake a cake or not, or pay for abortions or not. We shouldn’t face discrimination lawsuits or jail because we seek to honor God with our business decisions.

America has transformed, as you hoped it could, but I’m old enough to remember living in a country that wasn’t so divided. I pray we can once again be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all—and then I will share your optimism.


Karen Farris

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