Is Now The Time For Selfies?

It’s the 21st Century but we’re witnessing a reemergence of medieval warfare—the beheadings, brutality, and slavery—as it spreads, some military experts speculate that it’ll end in a global war.

We depend on our nation’s brightest minds to know how to deal with the threats against us. We can argue about our foreign policy maneuvers, but unfortunately the choices that remain are hard ones.

As our nation deals with the horrific executions of some of our own citizens, I’m wondering if it was wise for our president to release a bunch of selfies promoting his health care law? The timing couldn’t have been more inappropriate.  

Just as we were evacuating our US Embassy in Yemen (a nation Obama once praised as an example of our foreign policy success), the White House released the selfies. 

While this probably appeals to the generation he hopes to get signed up for medical insurance, I’m too old for this nonsense. How about we leave selfies to those not holding the highest office in our nation? It’s a distraction not an attraction.

President Obama wanted to “end wars, not start them.” Yes, that works if those who are fighting us wanted to end them as well. That’s not happening. There are nations seeking our demise. Why cheapen the respect of our leader at a time we desperately need one?
Maybe the selfies aren't a big deal, but the critical issues we face are.

The leaders who forged our nation had a deep reverence for God. They knew that without Him our nation would have never survived.

Much has changed since then, but not the need for God's leadership—which is something many of our leaders seem to have forgotten.

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