Wife-Swapping Entertainment

On the same channel featuring the faith-driven Duck Dynasty, A & E will soon be premiering, Neighbors with Benefits. Perhaps the title leads you to suspect what this reality show offers—wife-swapping with no shame and all the sexual favors. As the promo explains, this is just your average suburban community, but behind the doors of some well-kept homes, weekend parties are opportunities to hook-up with the neighbor’s husband or wife.

Once illegal, this swinger lifestyle is now glorified in ways that defy logic. Why even be married? There is no faithfulness, or promises for sharing a unified partnership, or much of a future beyond the next party. 

It’s hard to imagine this happening in a typical neighborhood, but having this lusty group willing to make it a reality show says a lot about them. Even more telling is what it says about our culture.

Maybe I’m just getting too old. Or maybe I’m disheartened with entertainment that deliberately confuses lust and love. Making adultery a game can only lead to disappointment then disillusionment and eventually divorce. A game where everyone loses.

But it isn’t just one show on one station; it permeates our whole entertainment culture. How low can sleazy entertainment go? We’re fooling ourselves to think it doesn’t matter and that it’s not going to change how we think. I believe that it already has, or the bar wouldn’t keep going lower.

Photos from A & E website

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