Fast Lane Living

Despite all the years, she still looked good and kept herself in top shape, running nearly every day. She loved life in the fast lane—and all the things that accompanied fast lane living. 

There were plenty of rumors about her checkered past, but she never talked, so no one knew for sure how much was true.

As she made her way around town, her sexy and sleek features could make heads turn, especially when she deliberately broke the rules. But she wasn’t a fool. She played by the book when authority figures were around.

She’d never been the jealous type either. She didn’t care about anyone’s looks but her own. She just wished that time would slow down. She may not have looked that much older, but she felt it. 

She got tired more easily and it seemed that youthful upstarts were gaining ground. A few times she let loose just to show them she still could out pace them all. She saw the appreciative glances afterwards. Yep. She still had it—that fast reputation.

Pulling onto the freeway she wondered if all of the effort to act younger really mattered? Signaling left she accelerated to pass another car. It used to be more exhilarating. Now she didn’t even bother to glance at the driver in the slower car. That used to be part of the fun as she blasted past.

She might look reasonably good on the outside, but things were changing inside—she just didn’t want to push so hard anymore. She wanted to slide into a comfort zone that felt more secure. She was tired of chasing something that didn’t matter.

Other things were more important—like preserving the memories and enjoying them with those who had made them happen. Yes, that was what made traveling these roads worth it—sharing life with someone you loved.

Slowing down she edged back into a lane that moved at a more leisurely pace. She noticed some things she missed at the higher speeds. Yes, it was time to slow down.

Maybe then time wouldn’t go by so fast.

As I retired my favorite car I imagined this is what she might have been feeling. Our cars can become more than transportation, they can be like a companion—as we travel the roads of life. 

My special car traveled to momentous occasions and routine errands. It heard loud music, lots of conversations, and thousands of my prayers throughout our miles. At least we'd grown older together.

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