A Mother's Heart by Choice

The first time I realized she had a special way with kids was when I watched her babysit a large family. She could snuggle a baby in one arm and stir a pot on the stove with the other. She could keep the older kids on task with their homework while keeping a close eye on the younger two swinging in the backyard.

Around that same time she became a Sunday school teacher’s helper. That quickly morphed into a full-fledged position when the director saw how the little kids flocked to her. She could simultaneously manage ten kid’s craft projects while keeping the most active boys enthralled during story time.

I kind of expected her to be an elementary teacher, but college took her in a different direction. Marriage came but children didn’t—yet my sister always had a mother’s heart along with a fun-loving mind. Kerry loved kids—but even better—kids loved Kerry.

At a time we honor mothers and all they do and have done—I salute Kerry who has been the babysitter, the “fun” aunt, the counselor, the career advisor, and most important—the friend. She’s the one who could be told anything and keep a secret, yet impart wisdom that might not go over so well coming from a parent.

Kerry loved with a mother’s heart while bringing lots of fun, inspiration, and passion for life. She gave us the best gift—love packaged with lots of joy.

Chances are there is a Kerry in your world too—someone who loves your kids as if they were her own. She celebrates all the family victories while offering great advice in times of trial.  She’s there in a pinch, and never seems to mind the hassle. 

It’s a great time to honor the gift of love from someone so selfless they chose to have a mother's heart without asking anything in return.

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