The Twelve Blogs of Christmas #1

What would this special season be without some heartwarming stories of love, faith, and family? While these tales don’t qualify for holiday Hallmark movies, they were experiences that helped folks discover the best gifts aren’t found under the tree they come from a heart of love.

                   Friday Tidings will be sharing twelve "heart-touching" stories.

                                                        Full of Thanks

Lilly stood on a kitchen stool washing forks and spoons in sudsy water. Next in line were the plates that she’d already scraped off, and then the worst—dirty cooking pans. It was her nightly chore since Mommy needed to study. 

The doorbell rang and Mommy didn’t seem to hear it, so Lilly ran to open the door. No one was there, but a box was left in front of the door.

Mommy came up next to her and they both looked upon the box containing a Thanksgiving dinner—a small turkey, cans of fruit, green beans, gravy, a package of rolls, stuffing mix, a pumpkin pie, even a box of candy. Lilly squealed with delight. She loved the turkey meals that the school fixed the day before the holiday.

Tears slid down Mommy’s cheeks. “Why are you sad, Mommy?” Lilly could see nothing sad about the feast they would have. But then Lilly didn’t know that tears could also come from thankfulness. 

Lilly’s mom would continue to work days and study nights for another two years, but eventually she’d be a nurse and they wouldn’t be so poor. She’d scrimped as best she could but between all the bills and college expenses, not much was left for a Thanksgiving meal.

But this year Lilly and her mom fixed the turkey and all the trimmings. Lilly found a stubby candle and Mommy lit it as they sat down to eat. “Dear Lord, Thank you for this wonderful food that came to us by someone’s thoughtfulness. We thank whoever it was. Help us to always remember those who don’t have as much. One day when we have more we’d like to do this for someone else.”

Lilly always remembered that Thanksgiving. It’s interesting how tough times can be some of the most special as well. She learned that a box of food delivered in secret wasn’t just about a meal, it was about love and hope—two things you can’t buy, but are wonderful to get and also give away.

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