Get Ready for Millennial Control

Move over Baby Boomers, the 83 million-strong Millennials are the largest demographic in our nation. They represent a huge voting block too. 

Last election this group strongly supported President Obama, but with hefty payroll taxes taking a chunk of their earnings, could they becoming wary of high-cost government policies?

Even though they carry the financial burden of aging Boomers, they are also experiencing the highest rates of unemployment and underemployment. Millennials will be greatly impacted by this election.

Political geeks theorize that if Millennials vote for a Democrat twice, they are likely to remain Democrat for life. Thus, Republicans are desperately wooing Millennial voters.

Five generations will be voting for president. There are still some voters in the Greatest Generation (1900-1924). 

The Silent Generation (1925-1945) and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are the voters depending on medicare and social security benefits. 

Generation X (1965-1979) lived through the sexual revolution and experienced changes America had never seen before, but they don’t have the numbers to sway elections.

It’s the Millennials (1980-2000) with their 83 million potential votes that can alter the course of America. As they carry the debt-ridden burdens of our nation, the sheer strength of their numbers will dictate future policies. They want progress and the people who can bring it. 

Raised on technology and sound bites, Millennials need to dig deeper into the issues that have divided our nation. But have they learned that progress can mean turning around if you’re heading in the wrong direction? 

Like it or not, the Millennials have the votes to take our nation in any direction they choose. 

It's been said if you take good care of your kids then one day they'll take good care of you. If we've raised the Millennials right, we have nothing to fear. Right?

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