Happy COVID-19 Mother’s Day

If there ever was a year to celebrate the women in our world on Mother’s Day, this year is it. Women don’t even need to officially be moms to qualify, because COVID-19 has bumped up the challenges, and women everywhere have heeded the call.

First, a salute to the women nurses who have cared for all those afflicted by this virus. Facing odds of infection, and some choosing to live away from their families while doing so has been an incredible sacrifice. Nurses and caregivers across the country are helping to keep healthcare services functioning throughout these treacherous months. 

Susie Frantz, ER Technician, Olympic Medical Center.  Also, an amazing mom and grandmother.

Next, our women classroom teachers are preparing lessons, connecting with students online, over the phone, and even mailing out learning packages which helps keep their students on track—while the teachers deal with long days, busy evenings, and nighttime student grading.

Kelly Sanders, Middle School Teacher, mother of two, bonus mom of two.

Our working moms are now juggling career, childcare, and monitoring school days—all from a card table set up in a new office/bedroom location. Keeping up with workloads, laundry loads, and loaded dishwashers deserves some extra sweet kudos.

Our stay-at-home moms have tacked on bonus hours for schooling their kids and because they’re veterans of time-management, they are the ones volunteering to help those who have lost their paddle while rowing up stream with the onslaught of extra work.

Miss R. enjoying learning how to "work" with her busy momma, Alyse Nelson.

How about all the moms-to-be and the ones who have had to face COVID birthing restrictions, impacting the emotional support they were hoping to have. They have a birth story to tell.

Shay Donnell, gave birth on May 4th with Ben by her side and Mom Vashina waving from across the street.

And lovingly, we have our super-supportive aunts, grandmothers, and the awesome women who choose to roll up their sleeves and get at it. They quickly access any situation, offer to babysit, make a meal, call to commiserate, volunteer to sew dozens of cloth face masks, shop for you, or run an essential errand. Legendary women, of all them.

Grandmother Sherry Dahl, volunteer & school supporter. She's helping honor granddaughter Tanisha and her graduating class of 2020.

COVID-19 upended our routines, and our women just rise earlier to tackle the extra work, and they seldom go to bed before taking care of someone else’s needs. Even though many restrictions are still in place, nothing restricts us from showing our appreciation in the best way we can—with our generous love—which COVID-19 can’t infect.

Give her the reward she has earned; she should be praised in public for what she has done. Proverbs 31:31

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