Watching what I say

Consider this: women talk about 3 times as much as men—about 20,000 words per day. Gives me a chance to say exactly whatever I think and feel. With thousands of words at my disposal, I’m just as likely to say things that I probably shouldn’t.

My challenge this week has been to become more sensitive about my words. What am I really saying? Can I offer more words of comfort? How about words that bring hope? Am I building up or tearing down?

But what I really need is a bit tougher: words of wisdom. Having wisdom means that I can know what to say and when to say it. Wisdom can lead me to make a good decision, not have to recover from a bad one, and maybe help others to do the same.

Wisdom comes with a higher price tag. Having information isn’t the problem; it’s knowing what to believe that’s tricky. I can research anything with the click of the mouse. But is that wisdom?

God’s wisdom always wins. Bible story after Bible story details the bad choices or the good ones. But having Godly wisdom requires more than reading. I need to honor the One who offers it. And then be willing to respond accordingly.
Words. Comforting. Hopeful. Honorable.

But the powerful words are the ones packed with wisdom. I’m working on those. With the right amount of wisdom, I won’t need 20,000 words to make my point.

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