The best move I ever made

A hand crafted little log cabin nestled in the woods. It’s the stuff that makes one think of vacations, hunting trips, or getting away from it all. A place you’d love to visit. But would you want to stay….permanently?

It’s been fifteen years since I made the move that changed everything. It was not just any move; it was a drastic move. From a spacious house to a tiny cabin. From an arid climate to a much wetter one. From being in the center of our business industry to being connected via computers. Life-changing indeed.

Our family of four suddenly had dramatically new lives. Many stories can be told about our “adjustments”. I think each of us dealt with wondering how life might have looked without a cabin in the woods as part of it. But we never turned back.

There are many “moves” we make in life that can change our lives. Our choices are opportunities to show what we value. Moving changed where I lived and it helped me change who I was. Before the move my life had focused on things that seemed worthy, but had little lasting value. You could say I valued things over what mattered much more: people.

Making a move, whether a physical one or an emotional one, can sometimes be the best thing that happens to us---even though at the time it may not feel like it. Moving to the cabin changed my outlook, and in time, changed who I was and what I valued. Now I try not to treasure stuff, I treasure people.

It was a big move and it's a wonderful place to live, especially knowing what I know now. And that's the reason this was the best move I ever made.

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