Last Chance!! Judgment Day Tomorrow!

I saw the advertisement last month in the newspaper. In large font, the words screamed their warning: 

Judgment Day May 21, 2011 THE BIBLE GUARANTEES IT!  

I noted the Bible references and then the nine associated websites. Not one to take the news of Judgment Day lightly, I researched. Hey, if I missed something, I’d like to know what it is.  I had always believed Jesus when he said NO ONE would know “that day or hour” not even Him. It was totally up to God.  Now someone named Harold Camping clearly had inside information.

I’ve always had a penchant for End Times discussions, so I dug into his websites. It gets worse. Not only was May 21 Judgment Day, but on October 21, 2011 he predicts God will destroy the world.  I guess there’s no need to worry about electing our next president.

These kinds of antics make Christianity look so lame. Jesus didn't want us speculating on his return. He wanted us to love our neighbors. Making far-fetched predictions, Antichrist accusations and using world events as scare tactics make Christianity appear like a crazy religion. It’s not. 

There’s too much work left to do in this broken world to get caught in this bogus bologna. Yet, Harold Camping is right on one thing: there will be a Judgment Day. But he's not God's prophet. I do know this: there are hurting and scared people. There’s a world that needs hope. Yes, bad stuff is happening all over. These are the definite "signs"  the Bible has predicted would happen. And this means I have work to do.

Rather than speculate when Judgment Day will be, I’ll do as Martin Luther suggested when he said,  
“There are two days in my calendar, this day and that Day.” 

God doesn’t promise me tomorrow—only right now—so I’m going to be like Luther ~ work hard today to help my hurting world. And then on that Day I’ll be as ready as ever. 

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