Top Five Lessons of the Decades

June marks the beginning of the halfway point in another year. Not a bad time to reflect on what we’ve done and what we still hope to do before year’s end.  It also got me thinking about what foundational things I learned in each of my decades.

By Age Ten I Learned:

It is a lot easier to have my parents know that I did my best than explain to them why I didn’t try hard enough.

By Age Twenty I Learned:
Finding the perfect mate has just as much to do with me as it does with him.

By Age Thirty I Learned:

Career planning should be done in pencil. The career path we planned didn’t work like we thought. But what did work, we never could have imagined. 

By Age Forty I Learned:

The dream of having a family comes with a real need for Someone bigger than we are to help us (and them) make it.

My dad age 10

By Age Fifty I Learned:

Suffering a loss (or many losses) is part of living. I realize that the greatest gift I have is today and it only came because God gave it to me.      

Give it a try....what are your lessons for your decades?

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