Facebook Inspired Reunion

Several amazing friends got together and decided to plan a high school class reunion for two decades of graduates. I can't imagine the effort required to plan a three-day celebration for that many people. Months of dedication will now bring hundreds together once again. What an incredible gift. 

Even though high school graduation is one of those pivot points in life, we often leave behind many of those friendships as we move on and away. 

I’m no longer the young graduate clinching her diploma and dreams. I’m old enough that more of my life is behind me than is in front. According to the reunion statistics, over four hundred have had their stories end far too soon. A vivid reminder that no one knows how many reunion opportunities remain.

Thanks to the Facebook reunion page, my former classmates have been reminiscing about Classic Rock favorites, first jobs, cheap gas and old hangouts. Memories connect us once again.

Interestingly, as we marched into middle age, our cliques and rigid barriers disappeared. We now share a larger common denominator. Some classmates are church-going conservatives while others cheer liberal causes. But we now respect our differences. We seem to listen more closely to one another. And I daresay, we’d be kind and helpful to one another regardless of what we believe.
Class of '76 in '96
Every reunion has given me far more than I expected. Afterwards, not only did I have new memories, I dusted off the old ones too. Word of advice: don't miss them if you can help it. Don't worry about who you were, or who you are today. We all have a special story. 

Reunions also allow us to return to a place we once called home. They can inspire us to keep what we treasure-- our friends. Our memories, like our friendships, remind us that life is indeed a gift. And reunions are a special place where these wonderful presents can be opened. 

Friends from my past are the golden threads connecting me from where I was to where I am today. They are woven through the tapestry of my life.
 ~Thank you all, Karen

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