Mixed Marriage: Type A and B

I struggle with my Type A tendencies. Curious what Type A looks like?  Look no further, here I am. I’m the consummate list maker and task taker.  I come complete with pit bull tenacity, Labrador loyalty, and hound dog determination. 

It also comes with a focused fixation that borders on insensitivity —including people sometimes.

Not a redeeming quality.

I started pondering my personality and realized some of it is how I’m hardwired. But I admit some of it is just plain stubborn resolve to be the way I am.

I began to fantasize about being a Type B. I don’t have to imagine too hard. I’m married to one. He can stay up late and sleep in….two things I’m incapable of. He can multitask, but it doesn’t flip his switches like it does me. Then there’s his pesky tendency to “roll with the punches” and “let things roll of his back.” Oh, please, teach me how.

Type B’s are able to get the job done without the stomach upset. They aren’t perfect--and they don't mind admitting this fact (I attempt to hide my flaws). However, I've noticed some Type B characteristics that aren’t too stellar, such as an inclination to be a bit scattered (read: messy). The Type A mantra "cleanliness is next to godliness" doesn’t rank high with Type B’s. And while they focus on being creative, Type A's focus on the clutter their creativity creates.

I also find it compelling that many Type A’s marry Type B’s. Another example of God’s sense of humor. I’m sure He is amused as I cope. But then, how else was He going to sand off my rough edges?

God knows my Type A gets the job done, but He also wanted me to learn not to steamroll over the other people he cares about. Type B's offer their heart along with their help. That too, I needed to learn. 

Sharing my life with a B has adapted my A. I’ve learned how to stress less and allow some mess. I still make lists, but will take a beach walk before housecleaning. Yep, living with a B has been good for my heart—both physically and emotionally. God knew what I needed. 

Now, if I could just learn how to stay up a little later and not wake up before 5 AM.

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