Writing My Storybook Ending

Back in my early twenties, I loved reading novels. But I’d only choose books with predictably happy endings. This must have frustrated my mom, the librarian. To her, books shouldn’t be limited by perfect ending boundaries. The way I saw it, if I wanted to relax with a book, the ending needed to be happy.

Of course, I wanted my own perfect storybook ending, but my chances weren’t increased because I had read dozens of perfect examples. My world of fiction couldn’t change my own reality. My life story was mine to write—and all of its chapters and its ending would largely depend on me.

Life happens and I can’t control all the action, but what I can control is my reaction. Often my reaction is what can either take away or bring me joy.

Why is it that I can look back and remember my past with fondness even though my life had actually been far from perfect? It’s the rearview mirror perspective. Things aren’t as big in the rearview mirror—those old problems have resolved, and what was a big deal isn’t anymore.

I just need to apply that perspective when I look through my windshield ahead of me. Sometimes I will need to choose to have joy. It isn’t automatic. But joy makes happier stories with better endings.

As I write the final lines to the 2011 chapter of my story,  I realize that through our time together on facebook, you have all been part of it. By sharing your stories, you've  made my own story bigger, richer, and more joyful. I’ve been encouraged. I’ve laughed, cried, and prayed. We’ve rejoiced, we’ve congratulated and celebrated together. We joked and commiserated, and saw that life really is better when it’s shared. Yes, your story is now part of mine. As we tackle life, your thoughts help me consider my own. Thank you for sharing your facebook stories. I look forward to writing together in 2012!

Friday Tidings Cheer for the New Year:

Enjoy today and hope for tomorrow. May we share the joy and help one another as we heal our sorrow. Each day is another chance for our stories, so let us pick up our pens and write again. 

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