Virginity Spares Broken Hearts

Sara is young enough that she’s still cool in teenage eyes. When they listen to her, they know she means what she says—even when she’s praising the virtues of virginity. She and her husband have shared a journey that didn’t bring along a shady past, prior sexual relationships, or broken hearts. Sara’s mission is to encourage teens to make virginity their choice. And she’s living proof it’s worth it.

Virginity isn’t obsolete. Even as sexually immersed as Americans are, nearly half of all teens are choosing to delay sex until they’re older. Yet, why do so many parents allow or even encourage their children to get into serious relationships? Teens may be physically equipped for adulthood, but they’re emotionally ill prepared for the results from poor sexual choices. And when teens are in emotionally charged relationships, choosing sex becomes easier. Once that gate is opened, the consequences enter in.

New reports just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that there are 20 million new sexually transmitted infections each year. These are predominately in the 15-24-age bracket. Our struggling healthcare system forks out $16 billion in direct medical costs for treatment. According to CDC data over 110 million Americans are now living with sexual infections.

STDs are just the medical ramifications. Far worse can be the fall out from broken relationships. We know what serial killers can do. What about serial relationships? One after another, relationships quickly become sexual, and after the next break up, leave even more brittle, embittered pieces of a broken heart.

Virginity spares broken hearts and lives. It’s a choice that will never rob one of anything, and brings a rich reward. Sara tells teens when they get married, they’ll be giving a gift no one else can give—their virginity.  That’s God’s ideal wedding gift.

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