A Father: The Real Superman

Superman has returned to the cinema, but I don’t need tickets to go see him, because he lives with me. Perhaps he lives with you too. My superman has protected me for decades. I remember when carried me over the threshold of the life we’d share.

My superman is committed—honor flows through his veins and travels right through his heart. His eyes have been fixed on me and never wandered away. Talk about giving me security—that’s my superman.

When my superman fathered our children, he changed diapers and took his midnight turns during teething. During toddlerhood he created games and held those small hands within his large ones. He was the one who took the training wheels off and jogged alongside, ready to steady as needed.

My superman has always worked two jobs—home and career. And he’s been devoted to both because he knew he couldn’t be the father he wanted to be without being a man of integrity and dedication at work. After a long day, he’d quickly change clothes and coach youth teams or do what needed to get done at home. My superman stays up long after I go to bed to be available to others. He’s the one who rolls up his sleeves and asks, “How can I help?”

My superman sacrificed so his family could have what they needed. He taught that asking forgiveness didn’t make you lose power, but showed real power. His hard work illustrated what focus and dedication can achieve.

But by far, his biggest feat was sharing his faith in God—continually pointing to Jesus, the only One who can truly save our lives. Superman wears an S on his chest, but my superman has his power inside his heart. 

Feel free to check out the cinema version of Superman, but be sure to wish your superman a Happy Father’s Day. I know mine certainly deserves it. 

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