Unwrapping The Gift

The gift arrived and I excitedly started opening it. As soon as I tore off the wrapping paper, there was another layer of paper. When I tried to get beneath that layer, I saw a note—WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO OPEN. What’s up with that?  

Welcome to another year. We unwrap it a day at a time—a daily gift of 24 hours. As much as I want to know what’s ahead, I can’t. Today is the only day I can have—until tomorrow.

2013 was the final year for two incredibly special women I knew. Cancer took their lives, but it never robbed them of their real purpose for living. Even though they were still quite young, they died incredibly wealthy. Not monetary wealth, but rich in all the relationships they had—loving families and many close friends, but none closer than Jesus. Their legacies include years of investing their lives into others. That's the kind of investment with the greatest returns—joy now and peace forevermore. 

So as I unwrap another layer from my gift of 2014, I want to remember to invest wisely each day.

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