Presidential Prescription for 2016: Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson is trying to bridge the great divide in our nation. He’s taking his medical mindset and using it to bring healing and restoration to our broken country. He’s smart, articulate, and isn’t part of the permanent political class entrenched in self-interest.

Carson’s new book, One Nation, seeks to reunify us. “I want people to realize we are not each other’s enemy.” He stresses the importance of remembering the Judeo Christian values that “led us to the pinnacle position in the world faster than any nation in history.” 

He readily admits that we’re not all going to agree on abortion or gay marriage, but the dialogue doesn’t have to be mean spirited. Indeed, unless we solve the critical fiscal problems, the cultural issues won’t matter.

Carson also says Americans need to be educated—spend a half-hour each day dedicated to learning something new. If we are armed with knowledge we can talk about issues intelligently. Sadly, many Americans have lost interest, “…they would know more about Dancing With the Stars than major events in country and world.”

Carson rejects class warfare—the notion that wealth is the root of our nation’s woes. He grew up poor, but didn’t allow poverty to define him. He rose above it with hard work. After graduating from Yale he went on to receive his medical degree from University of Michigan. 

He garnered worldwide respect as a gifted neurosurgeon after separating conjoined twins in 1987. Besides many distinguished awards and 38 honorary doctorate degrees, in 2008, Carson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom—our nation’s highest civilian honor. Yet, he’s refreshingly humble.

Carson won’t debate the polarizing hot button issues that have nothing to do with solving our national debt crisis. He jokes that if he had to declare a political party affiliation it would be the Logic party—dedicated to commonsense.

We could use Carson’s style of leadership—a real bridge builder for our deeply divided nation. He’s not a career politician; he’s just a doctor with a cure for our ailing country. 

Dr. Carson, please report to our nation’s capital STAT.

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