The #1 Graduation Tip

Your #1 graduation tip: Make your bed every morning. 

What’s the big deal about making your bed? It’s not just a neat freak thing. It’s how you start your day. And it’s how you end your day. No matter what you faced during your day, crawling into a well-made bed is a welcome reprieve from the world. Sometimes it will be the best part of the worst day. You’ll appreciate being greeted by straightened sheets and smoothed out blankets.

Making the bed takes less than two minutes. In those minutes you can think about your day or better yet, pray to God that he’ll guide you throughout it. In those moments of tucking and straightening, you are on pace to tackle the next thing on your list. As you leave for the day, you’ve already accomplished something good.

Doing the small things each day motivates us to have victory over the bigger things.

If bed making seems like lame advice, a wealthy bank president gave two words for his secret to success: good decisions.

When asked how he made good decisions he had one word of advice: experience.

When asked how he got his experience he replied: bad decisions. 

Now you know how to be successful. Go out and make good decisions, learn from the bad ones, and don’t forget to make your bed.

Congratulations 2014 Graduates!

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