Hope in Ebola and Everything Else

This summer has had some awful and discouraging news—the missile downing a civilian jet, increasing Russian aggression in the Ukraine, Hamas attacking Israel, ISIS Middle East atrocities—including the beheading of Christian children, our Border Crisis—and then the news about Ebola nearly pushed me over the edge.

Ebola was already very real in my mind. About ten years ago, a visiting missionary explained in horrifyingly graphic detail what Ebola did to a tiny African village. But I’d put that scenario in the “Over There Not Here” file. Until now.

Listening to the sensationalized media reports that the Ebola outbreak could lead to a global epidemic, or be used for terrorism—it was no longer an “Over There Not Here” issue.

There are times when you have to look away from what’s bad in order to remember what’s good. I needed a time-out to give thanks for all that truly is good.

Thanks to American biomedical ingenuity, a new Ebola drug seems to have spared the lives of an American doctor and nurse. Now there’s hope for treating Ebola.

Thanks to American citizens for donating millions of dollars (not including our tax dollars) to help the Central American border children.

Thanks to American freedom I woke up safe. We’ve seen horrendous news footage in nations without freedom. Thanks to our nation’s soldiers who guard us.

Thanks to American workers we have an economy that is still withstanding the burden of our nation’s debt.

Thanks to American leaders who are attempting to solve enormous problems. I need to remember to pray for them every day and do what I can to help.

Thanks to American religious freedom, I'm allowed to worship God without death threats.

Thanks to God who holds our world in his Hands. Even though my love and hope sometimes fail His love never does, and for that, I am the most thankful.

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