Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Regis Giles, gun-rights activist and creator of Girls Just Wanna Have, is a Millennial voice for Second Amendment rights and self-defense. In her view, women need guns for their own protection. 

If not guns, then a taser, knife, or some form of martial arts to go from being prey to being a formidable defender. Concerned with gun control and its potential to disarm Americans, Giles is trying to raise awareness. 

On her fundraising website she states:

  • Guns save more lives than they take.
  • Almost 7000 times every day, law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves.
  • Each year, 200,000 women use a gun to defend themselves against sexual attacks.

Giles believes that a gun in a woman’s hand is her best chance at survival. She has partnered with some experienced filmmakers in hopes to produce a 90-minute documentary about our American gun rights.

We saw the horror in France—when the bad guys had guns, but with strict gun control laws, the good guys were unarmed. Guns can provide safety and security. I’m one of those who probably won’t take Giles’ advice and carry a gun, but she suggests I take self-defense more seriously—the life that’s saved could be my own.

To view the website/promo video click here

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