First World Problems: Selfies and the Blame Game

Measured by some of the curt replies I received, I could tell last week’s post riled some folks. Why should I finger President Obama for posting selfies, when everyone else does too? Who really cares?

Another reader complained: 

He can't enjoy himself during his term? You must be a Christian that believes entertainment is wrong. Do you resent him sleeping at night too? Why are you so priggish?

Okay. Point taken. I am priggish. President Obama was merely reaching out to those who appreciate a good selfie. 

Someone else said to stop playing the blame game. 

Another reader suggested, I should really be pointing the finger at myself and asking how am I helping this sorry world? 

So, please accept my apologies—and I extend apologies to President Obama. 

Since it’s hard for this unelected, small town American to change policies on immigration, ISIS, or our fledgling economy, I’m focusing on what I can do:

Be grateful I woke up in a free nation.

Donate my time to helping others.

Serve my community.

Be contagiously optimistic.

Give away smiles.

Accept criticism.

Pray for my enemies as well as my friends.

This probably won't change the course of our nation or world, but it might help change the course of some lives around me. And that’s far better than antagonizing people and tossing dice in the blame game—which is a game without a winner.

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