Three Life-Changing Words

It started out as a girlfriend word game over coffee—trying to think of three-word sentences that we hear a lot. “I love you” topped all our lists. We had some fun:

Just stop it.

I gained weight.

I hate that.

My boss sucks.

You did what?

I got fired.

Life is tough.

She is cute.

We laughed and then the conversation turned to kids, life’s struggles, and some of the victories along the way. As I drove home, I thought about some three-word sentences that had changed my life.

In college, I met an amazingly loving guy who said:

You are beautiful.

Three simple words. But this wasn’t about any outward appearances; it was about being loved. Words can bring love, affirmation, and acceptance. I believed him when he said:  I need you.

I still remember the warm, spring day when I heard:

Please marry me.

Those three words were life-changing. But that was only the beginning. Several years later I shared these words:

I am pregnant.

Oh yes, three-word sentences can change our lives. 

On a shared journey consider these two for the adventure ahead:

Take my hand.

Hold on tight.

Life isn’t easy, but it’s easier with someone you love.  

And this three-word sentence is for my hubby:
Happy 36th Anniversary.

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