Delayed Dreams

Wanna Be Rock Stars

Long, long ago as financially strapped newlyweds, our dreams gave us hope for a future we couldn’t see. Our day job wasn’t what we wanted to “do with our lives”. It was just the means to pay our bills and buy music gear so we could “do what we really wanted to do”—which was to be famous musicians.

How easy it is to look ahead and forget to appreciate where we are.

While our music dreams would mean working together, making money at what we loved doing, we often overlooked that we were already working together and making money—even if it wasn’t writing and performing music.  

Could we appreciate what we had even if it meant never making it in the music world?

I gave up first. Playing music in a lounge wasn’t my idea of success. Writing catchy advertisement jingles seemed to cheapen it even more.  I won’t even discuss my brief stint as a DJ. My music dream wasn’t just delayed; it had died.

Music was more deeply rooted in my husband. I often heard the strum of his guitar late at night. He continued to write songs and record them for an audience that might never hear his songs. It meant that much to him.

Delayed dreams don’t mean denied dreams. God plants seeds of inspiration within each of us. Some sing, others dance. Some write, others act. Some teach, others learn. We all have dreams. But while God sometimes delays our dreams, he’ll never deny the ones he placed in our hearts. It’s all about his timing, not ours.

So even though I thought I killed my music dream by burying it, I merely placed soil around the seeds God planted. And guess what sprouted thirty years later? Music.

But this time it’s not about money, or career, or a convoluted sense of fame. It’s about the joy that music brings to my life. And that was probably the purpose God had in mind from the beginning.

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